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VMS Dog Training have been training dogs for the past 14 years. We have been competing in dog shows for Schutzhund with our German Shepherds. Your dog can stay with us depending on what training you want and will be treated as one of our dogs. You will be ask to bring dog food for the time your dog will be staying with us. VMS Dog Training offer training for puppies, behavior modifications, aggression, socialization, complete basic training, in-board training, private classes, etc… We are located in beautiful Lehi. We have dogs, chickens, horses etc.. using them as part of our training sessions as distractions and socialization, having plenty of space for the dogs to run and play.

Cesar Millan & Dan C.
Cesar Millan & Dan Cardenas.

It’s all about control,  a dog needs to be taught how to control his behavior. He’s not born with good manners, he doesn’t know what behavior is appropriate and which is not. Obedience training gives you a way to communicate with your dog, reduce environmental stress, establish leadership, increase confidence, and give the dog a job to do. In order to solve and eliminate any behavior problem, it is very important and necessary to re-establish your relationship with your dog along with positive reinforcement training. – Dan C.


In-Board Training Course
What is In-Board Training?

An ideal course for pet owners who would like their dog to be our guest while they are being trained.
All of our In-Board training is customized to meet the needs of your dog and family.
Using open communication, we set realistic goals in order to address unwanted behaviors, establish and improve good conduct, and establish a training routine.

– Benefits
  • 24 Hour supervision
  • Discount on boarding fee
  • A home atmosphere
  • Air conditioning and water misters in the summer
  • Heaters and blankets in cold weather
  • Supervised play time, socialization, and exercise in huge yard!

Starting price: $1500 & up
(Cost and duration varies according to you and your dog’s needs.)

Private Training:

Private training is ideal for people who would like individual attention and a more personalized program, designed specifically for their dog and particular needs.

Many people enjoy the convenience of a flexible schedule and one-on-one help from a trainer.

– Benefits
  • One-on-one help from a trainer
  • Personalized training program
  • Flexible schedule
  • Ability to control distractions
  • Safe learning environment
    Ideal For

People who prefer to train their own dog
Those not comfortable parting with their dog for several weeks for In-Board Training
Specific behavioral issues that require the full and immediate personal attention of a professional dog trainer
Dogs not suitable for a group class, which requires them to be sociable with other dogs and people
Dogs that lose focus from the unpredictable distractions of a group class
People who have difficulty attending a group class with a rigid schedule.

Private Training Fee:

Cost: $1,000 – $1,500
6 consecutive weeks

Semi-Private Training:

This course is similar to our Private Training, with the exception that you are sharing your hour with one or two other families. This is a great way to still receive some personalized training at a reduced cost.

It includes basic obedience, manners, and help with behavioral issues. The trainer will show you how to train your dog and you will be required to work with him every day at home. Each session builds on the week before, and homework sheets are provided to help keep you on track.

Course duration is 6 consecutive weeks and the cost will vary, depending on how many dogs are enrolled. Two families are $550 each. Three families are $350 each. Additional weeks may be added at an additional cost. This course is held at our facility.

2 Days Intensive Training
Your dog will go from dragging you down the street to walking by your side on a loose leash.

Cost: $250 at our facility
$350 at any other location.

We will work with you during the evaluation to choose an appropriate training program and pricing that will fit your budget.

We also offer Shuttle Service!

Too busy to drive your dog out to us for boarding?
No Problem!
We provide door to door pickup and delivery service.
Contact us for more details

VMS Dog Training
Lehi, Utah


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