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     Cesar Millan                              (The Dog Whisperer) &                    Daniel Cardenas                   (VMS Shepherds Founder)

VMS Dogs

Is a breeder specialized to breed the highest quality of World Bloodlines at VMS  we breed to top sires, all our German Shepherd and Bulldog puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC), vaccinated and de-wormed.




3Producing solid puppies that strengthen the many qualities of German
Shepherd Dog & English Bulldog. We feel a successful breeding program should focus on the total Dog, loyal companions, intelligence, correct structure, confidence, temperament, mentally healthy, personality, heart and beauty.


Therefore, we only incorporate dogs into our breeding program that embody those characteristics, our puppies are family raised, they are well socialized from birth.

We also provide trained puppies which we highly recommend, at VMS Dogs you can have an obedience trained puppy by the time you get it.


For more information about our trained puppies please Contact Us.

VMS  Team

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